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When you're dealing with data, the way to make sure that the information has arrived intact is to check it against the checksum.On credit cards, the checksum takes the form of a "check digit." In a typical 16-digit credit card number, the first six digits identify the institution that issued the card.The checksum gives you a quick way to determine whether errors have been introduced into that data set during storage or transmission.To access the full range of features including text chat and broadcasting your own webcam, we ask you to complete a 30 second signup process.

It may be small but it adds up and if someone is running a large number of fraudulent card numbers through your system the fees can become overwhelming.

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src=luhn_There is a PEAR package which handles the validation of many financial numbers, also credit card validation: Card By the way, here are some Test Credit Card Account Numbers by Pay Pal.

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