Am i too intimidating to women

Posted by / 16-Aug-2017 15:29

Am i too intimidating to women

Being referred to as intimidating isn’t necessarily a reproach.

You don’t have to change who you are just so men would be more drawn to you.

Newsflash: This is not an interview and even if it were, you would never tell the person interviewing you that he or she is “intimidating."I'd rather you just tell me you're nervous because it's endearing.

Besides, if you actually took a chance to get to know me, you would realize I am the last person who should intimidate you, and here's why: Here are five things you should know about the woman you keep calling “intimidating”: One reason why relationships fail is that one or both parties find themselves bored and develop wandering eyes, ears and hands (sadly).

Some women would actually say that the men who are intimidated with their personality aren’t worth their time!

And in the world of dating in the 21 century, with the prevalence of internet dating and men and women no longer having a clear gender role – you kinda gotta know how to date well…Guess what: The person who slightly intimidates you is also the person who will constantly keep your attention.The story behind who she is and the elements you find so intimidating are what you will fall madly in love with.Have you tried to “tweaking” your approach before, in order to avoid coming across as too intimidating and if so what did you do?If there is one phrase I'm tired of men dropping, it's, “You're intimidating."Before I jump up on my soapbox and make myself even more "intimidating," let me write a disclaimer: This article is not intended for the woman you are too afraid to approach.

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