Avoid dating yourself on resume

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Avoid dating yourself on resume

Scarborough Civitelli warns against gaming the system by stuffing your curriculum vitae with keywords or sneaking them in using white text."The software will likely reject those tricks as fraud," she explains.Just because you've been in the workforce three or more decades doesn't mean you should list every single job you've had.

Then corral your less relevant experiences from the past 15 years into a second section called Other Professional Experience.

Resist the urge to highlight your CV with boldface, italics or underlining, Edwards says. Although standard bullets are acceptable, tables and charts may confuse electronic recruiting systems, Scarborough Civitelli warns. HR professionals don't want to know what you look like (even though they can easily find you on Linked In), lest it open them up to discrimination claims if you don't make the cut, Edwards says.

Give your résumé a straightforward name, such as Last Name.

Several months later, he landed an IT role in the health care sector, and, later, at the University of Washington in Seattle.

If, like Mann, you haven't updated your résumé in at least five years and aren't sure where to start, consider this your primer.

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First Name Resume.doc, Scarborough Civitelli says, and send it as an attachment only if requested.