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I loved the bottle, loved the name, I was definitely going to love the juice inside especially after all those wonderful reviews I had read. I just bought a vintage (probably 20 or 30 years old) bottle from an antique store for .00. I have just bought a bottle of EDP in the new white packaging. I was shocked when I compared it at home with the 2002 version of EDP I still have, and the perfume I got about 4 years ago.From reading the reviews I had pictured myself wondering round the grounds of a large mansion in British India wearing a tea dress waiting to be called for afternoon tea. One spray filled the small room where I had tested it. The current formula has nothing in common with the fragrance I have known as L’Heure Bleue! It's a little bit of everything; creamy, powdery, soft, soapy, warm, clean, romantic.the eau de toilette is lighter, sweeter and less complicated.The eau de parfum is more complex and last longer I got very excited the first time I read about this perfume, couldn’t wait to try itt, well what a disappointing experience that turned out to be.I think it’s a gorgeous scent it’s just not for me. If anyone wants to swap please PM me I’d like to get this to a good home.

I would purchase it but only for the beautiful bottle and the beautiful name. It's perfect for anytime, it's equally nice when I'm dressed up or straight out of the shower in my PJ's. The only time it doesn't work for me is in humid weather, but most fragrances don't.

It's really Parisian and classy and gorgeous, but I would imagine today's society giving a few funny looks at this essence. young people: this will not be a fruity, febreeze, "clean", modern type of scent.

But if you're a bohemian or old-school feminine (by that, I mean hats, feathers, brooches, that kind of stuff), this might "complete your look". try an extrait sample first from ebay or Etsy, and let it grow on you.

I can almost smell the talcum powder and it could be really tricky to wear in everyday life.

It's just so, so specific to the age it was made in. pre world war I, women can't vote yet, suffragettes, bertie and elizabeth, and the show called "call the midwife." parma violets candy, iris, orris, heliotrope, cloves, anise, the guerlain accord, and i swear i detect ambergris oily note, even though it isn't listed as a note.

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It last forever on myself and the dry down is very warming and not synthetic at all.