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This is really technical and could take a while but it's good to learn since it can help you with many games. You might still need to forward ports by logging into your modem, firewall or gateway device.

Changing router settings can disconnect everyone on your local network, so make sure you have permission from all users. Pushing F2 in GTA2 Game Hunter might give you a link to your gateway config webpage.

Use GTA2 Manager or Game Hunter to setup a multiplayer game. A: It means there are different debug options selected in GTA2 Manager debug tab.

Make sure to tick the same as your opponents (cheat settings are ignored, so they don't have to be the same).

A: It's normal for GTA2 to display a black screen while it is loading and waiting for all players to load but if it takes longer than 30 seconds and then GTA2 quits or it says that some players disconnected then something is wrong.

This usually means one of the players has some of the ports open but not all of them.

Q: How many players can be in a GTA2 multiplayer game?

A: GTA2 only supports a maximum of 6 players per game and most people play with less players due to crashes and lag. A: GTA2 Game Hunter still uses GTA2's buggy built-in multiplayer that was originally only intended for LANs.

If your router doesn't support forwarding port ranges then you can force GTA2 to use specific ports in the 2300-2400 range with a program called DXport. A: Disable UPn P (Universal Plug N Play) on your router and disable Windows firewalls.This is a technology that tries to automatically forward ports but it's very common for it to fail and cause problems.Disable it on your router, there's usually a checkbox next to UPn P. A: GTA2 has simple network code that delays the game until everyone receives all the packets.Other games hide lag but you notice problems with sync when the latency is too high.Q: Why does my router disconnect when I host or join a GTA2 multiplayer game? A: If your device has flood protection, try disabling it. Self termination is a dumb solution to suspected flooding/Do S.

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If you have confirmed that the game is out of sync, you will have to quit since there is no way to fix it. A: You can't stop it completely but you can reduce the chance of it happening. Use the same GTA2 version as your opponent and make sure you both have identical files.

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