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I will warn you about this guy from the El Cerro part of Havana: Yuniel Echevarria Dias He goes by the name "ham"…

He is a heavily tattooed, aggressive, delinquent, recently released from prison.

She is identifiable by a large butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder and a tattoo on her left wrist that says "Ham". Do not make the mistake of taking her to a fancy restaurant like the one in Hotel Nacional – she will totally embarrass you.

She is attractive and can act very sweet and innocent, but she is the exact opposite of that.

One other thing I had a bad ear infection on xmas day. if you are looking for 1 nighters then don't leave money out or any valuables. I went to Havana 3 times, Varadero once & Holguin twice.

My 2 girls took me to the hospital & got me in to see a doctor in 10 minutes. Not all are bad & they are just looking for a better life. holguin was so much more relaxed & the police don't hassle the local girls.

They know if they steal anything from me that it would be the last money they ever see from me so they are not going to risk that.

how many guys send to cuban girls when they are not in the country.

Zack Balo curing people from Herpes virus and immediately i contacted Dr.I'm not in love & I have 2 girls with me at all times for pleasure & because I don't speak Spanish so if I have 2 of them they can have someone to talk to when they are with me.They are good friends now & don't mind sharing the wealth. I won't go to Havana again but Holguin is no issues with walking hand & hand with locals.If you are not a guest in the hotel you can't be hanging around so security is bring a girl in you have to register into the hotel & rent a room for her. if she steals something or causes trouble then the hotel has her documentation & address.

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