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Sometimes this means he will punish her, not for the enjoyment of the punishment, but because it is for her own good.

A Daddy’s little girl is his pride and joy and he does what he can to make her feel special and cherished.

It takes you over, makes you want to throw your adult cares away.

Makes you crave the loving father-like protection of a strong, caring Dom who loves and cherishes you.

There are few aspects of kink that are as misunderstood as Daddy Doms and their little girl submissives.

People often think having a Daddy means you missed out on something as a child, or that you want to dress up in a tutu and fingerpaint. Other people mistakenly believe that it means you want to have sex with your father.

However, like all relationships – each one as unique as a snowflake and it is difficult to generalize.

The Daddy’s Girl Series centers around a group of girlfriends who like being in Daddy/little girl relationships.

Some little girls with Daddy Doms engage in ageplay and others don’t.

The Little Girl Submissive The little girl submissive worships her Daddy Dom.

She will do anything to please him because she knows that he makes it his mission to care for her and to protect her.

This site was designed to help people get to know and understand the Daddy Dom /little girl relationship. I am an adult and I'd never claim to be anything else.

There is so much stigma out there about this type of relationship and the purpose of this site it to try to clear the air. For littles like me, the desire to let your inner child run free is overpowering.

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Since she is secure in his feelings for her she trusts her Daddy and submits to him completely.