Dating a recovering alcoholic first year dating japanese love

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Dating a recovering alcoholic first year

The general consensus is that getting into a new relationship in your first year of sobriety is a bad idea.

I also got a chance to meet more women in early sobriety, and it opened up more opportunities for service.I raised my hand at nearly every meeting and shared until I was tired of my own voice, and then I shared some more.I wasn’t ready to sponsor- I had been dragging my heels on my fourth step (not recommended)- but service can start on day one of early recovery.Every time I picked up my phone, the urge to dial him got more intense. She instructed me to call her or text her every time I wanted to contact him. On the bright side, that was the most disciplined I had ever been about calling her.I also called my sober supports, almost fanatically, up to five times a day. Thankfully, I was living in an all-female halfway house with a built-in support network of women who were also trying to recover.

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I ended up chairing my home group meeting for two months, a commitment that required me to reach out to other women for speaking opportunities.

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