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The court may appoint a federal public defender (a full-time federal official appointed by the court of appeals), a community public defender (a member of a community-based legal aid organization funded by a grant from the judiciary), or a private attorney who has agreed to accept such appointments from the court. Deed, dark, tired, deep, term, flour, ten, first, sour, mete, turn, our, tin, fur, during, feet, cry, here, time, deer, herb, my, care, curl, pit, pine, pure, stern, five, mire, farm, bus, type, risk, window, noisy, yellow, scout, hair, food, feet, tool, icy, court, citizen, six, exam, ceremony, shy, wrest, bang, faith, lack, these, thin, theme, which, ring, what, whose, coy, look, pool, news, beer, voice, chill, quiz. Each district court, by statute, is required to have in place a plan for providing competent attorneys to represent defendants who cannot afford their own attorneys. Fill in the gaps with the proper articles and pronounses where necessary. A second method of discovery is the "interrogatory", which is a written question from one party to another that must be answered under oath. In a deposition, a witness is required to answer under oath questions about the case asked by the lawyers in the presence of a court reporter. Misdemeanor offenses are less serious and may be punished by up to one year in prison.

At the conclusion of the evidence, each side gives a closing argument. A "motion to dismiss", for example, may argue that the plaintiff has not stated a claim under which relief may be granted under the law, or that the court does not have jurisdiction over the parties or the claim at issue, and therefore lacks the power to adjudicate. Some motions ask for a ruling that determines whether the case may proceed as a matter of law. As a result, litigants often decide to resolve a civil lawsuit with an agreement known as a "settlement". Most judges conduct settlement conferences with the parties, and they may refer a case to a trained mediator or arbitrator to facilitate an agreement.

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Three main levels of federal criminal offenses have been defined by Congress.