Dating life in san francisco

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Dating life in san francisco

That would be Vermont Street, which wiggles its way down Potrero Hill between 20th and 22nd Streets.Its seven switchbacks are far more disorienting and claustrophobic than Lombard's, because they're wedged into a tree-canopied alley.For those unwilling or unable to drive through, the park offers a consolation Step-Thru Stump.Two of California's glamour attractions are Hollywood and the wine country. The wines are good, the restaurant excellent, but this is the world's only winery with a pile of skulls, a bamboo prisoner cage, and the armour of Vlad the Impaler – all props from movies by Francis Ford or Sofia Coppola. The car from Tucker is easy, as are Robert Duvall's cowboy boots and cavalry hat from Apocalypse Now.

It is so huge that its wings could probably be used as runways by some of the museum's normal-size aircraft, and its insides are littered with blown-up beach balls – Hughes thought they'd help his mega-plane float if it crashed at sea.The Shrine Drive-Thru Tree is typical: you pay upfront, then may be dismayed to discover that your SUV is too big to fit through the car-size hole.Laws forbid any new drive-thru trees, so extraordinary efforts are made to keep the few that remain in drivable condition.Also at the museum is a retired 747 jetliner, gutted and turned into the world's most expensive water slide.• Even on a short list of canonised canines, Bobbie the Wonder Dog is exceptional.He was lost on a far-flung family vacation in Indiana, and six months later hobbled back into town bedraggled and footsore.

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These questions come to mind when viewing Cupid's Span, a 42m-long golden bow and 18m-high red-feathered arrow, each half-buried in the ground near the foot of the city's Bay Bridge.