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Should the condition warrant (e.g., summer heat), the band will wear a white shirt with the appropriate Dress uniform trousers (with the exception of the white trousers). It is authorized for wear only by officers and SNCOs, and a required uniform item only for senior officers (majors and above).It comes in three varieties: A blue boatcloak with a scarlet liner is optional.The Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform or MCCUU is intended for wear in the field or for working parties, but has become the typical working uniform for all deployed and most garrison Marines and Sailors.

The various designations are listed in descending order of formality: Because the Blue Dress uniform is considered formal wear, Blue Dress "C" and "D" are rarely worn.

Marine in utility uniform with full combat load circa late 2003, a U. Until 2000, there was a White Dress uniform, similar in appearance to the U. Navy's Dress White uniforms, but worn by officers only (in a manner similar to that of the Dress White uniforms worn in the U. The most recognizable uniform of the Marine Corps is the Blue Dress uniform, often seen in recruiting advertisements.

There are three different variations of the Dress uniform: Evening Dress, Blue Dress, and Blue-White Dress; only officers and staff non-commissioned officers (SNCOs) are authorized to wear the Evening Dress. This uniform has since been replaced with the Blue/White Dress uniform for officers and SNCOs.

The service uniform consists of green and khaki colors.

(Per the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Protocol Section, "Table of Service Equivalent Uniforms", dated February 2010, it is roughly equivalent in function and composition to a business suit.) It is the prescribed uniform when There are two types of authorized headwear for the service uniform.

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