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Garfinkel said it is the only site in Israel in which to investigate King David.

That may indicate it was a legal text, which archaeologists say would provide insights into Hebrew law, society, and beliefs.The fortress, measuring 2.3 hectares (about 5.7 acres), is the earliest-known fortified city of the biblical period in Israel. So far, just four percent of the site has been excavated, the university said.Because the ostracon is similar to that found in other Israelite settlements, and because no pig bones were found at the site, archaeologists say the site was likely part of the Kingdom of Judea. Among the artifacts found at the site are more than 100 jar handles bearing distinct impressions which may indicate a link to royal vessels, the university said.Discoveries found in situ on Temple Mount dating to the late First Temple period, excavated and collected by the Israel Antiquities Authority over the last 10 years, were displayed by the agency in Jerusalem on Wednesday.Other finds on display include the remains of a previously unknown monumental Muslim edifice that had been on the northern part of Temple Mount.

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The texts, written on crumbling parchment and papyrus, were found wrapped in linen inside earthenware jars.

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