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Petite Dating Site is a fun, friendly dating site for thin and slim people. We are a great dating site for slim people, dating for fit slim women and dating for fit slim men.We provide an environment for thin singles to find a skinny date. Petite Dating Site is the best place for slim dating online.I'm dating a beautiful bony man at the moment and oh my god I just cannot get enough of his body.I worry a lot because he keeps getting thinner but my god... O Do you think you would be able to love him if he puts on weight?

To assess the link between women's waist size and her perceived sexual attractiveness to her partner - and their general sexual satisfaction - they rated a man's sexual function using a questionnaire called the International Index of Erectile Function.

Overall as long as it's not pudgy I'm fine with it.

Do you think you would be able to love him if he puts on weight?

As for whether it's a preference or not, it most likely has little to do with your disorder. When I first got married my husband was really skinny and I cooked all calorific meals to fatten him up!

It grossed me out when we were having sex and I could see his ribs, spine, chest bones etc.

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Do you think you care for him or you "love" the image of him being skinny?

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