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Dating the gospel of mark

Further, as strong as the desire was to attach this gospel to an apostle, the patristic writers refrained from saying that this was such at their own convenience.Mark’s gospel flies in the face of that supposition.There is not much evidence within either Mark or the rest of the NT to connect him with this gospel. And further, there is some evidence of Mark’s connection with Peter. (1) John Mark had contact with Peter from no later than the mid-40s (cf. That the early church apparently frequented his mother’s house also indicates that Mark had been exposed to Peter’s teaching about Jesus of Nazareth.

(1) He claimed to have received his information from “the elder.” In the preceding context ( 2:4) the only individual called “the elder” in the singular is John.This double association placed him in a unique position for writing a gospel to Gentiles (motivated by Paul’s mission) based on the teaching of Peter.Besides this connection with Peter, there is some other internal evidence which may suggest Markan authorship. Lane makes the interesting observation that Mark is called an “assistant” ( with both Mark and Luke’s sources suggests that Mark’s Gospel may well have been one of those sources which Luke used to compile his gospel.Whether this is John the apostle or a disciple of his is quite debatable; but suffice it to say that Papias’ source of information was at most one generation removed from the apostles themselves.(2) Papias also says that Mark recorded Peter’s sermons while Peter was still alive.

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