Docky weather not updating

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Docky weather not updating

echo -n "Do you want to install Compiz (y/n) and docky from Fedora19 ?(y/n)"read Aif [ "$A" = "y" ]; then Install Compiz="true"fi HERE=`pwd`#============================ Here we start =============================#### Update the systemechoecho "Updating System"echoyum -y update#=============================================================================# We need yum priorities to ensure base Cent OS packages are not overwritten.The only reason I added those, is to be able to install graphic drivers e.g.for nvidia (from elrepo) and some nostalgic stuff like putty from rpmforge For compiz, here are the packages required from Fedora19/Fedora19-updates:compiz-manager-0.6.0-18.fc19.noarchccsm-0.8.4-14.fc19.noarchcompizconfig-python-0.8.4-8.fc19.x86_64nlibcompizconfig-0.8.8-8.fc19.x86_64My script also installs fusion-icon compiz-plugins-main and compiz-plugins-extra but those are not required for the base stuff like rotating cube and wobling windows.It didn't come back to a graphical environment again.Fortunately, I am doing only fresh and clean installs, no upgrades or any such complication.By the way, I created a Cent OS 7 live dvd with Mate desktop and no Gnome 3 (1,3GB).nux-dextop and epel repos are already defined in it. Thank you To make things a little more desktopish (and to help me remember), I added a few lines to my copy to enable login sound and to give a systemd hint for runlevel 3.

It seems clear I am supposed to drop to runlevel 3, run the script and after some processing, it should start up X and all that again after a reboot.Without it I would never try to use Cent OS as a desktop.Nothing connected to compiz or docky is taken from elrepo or rpmforge.Optionally, install Fedora19 repos, install compiz and docky11. I sucesfully checked the script both on a Virtual Box guest machine an on a real hardware.Saying that, I am of course nor responsible for any damage this script may cause to you.

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In this case, the lightdm display# manager will be set as the default window manager.# # Compiz and docky from Fedora19, seem to work nicely with Cent OS7,# therefore, as another option, the script will install them# from Fedora19 standard repositories.## Copyright 2014 by Yoram Gnat # Published under GPL v2 License## Note: Since this script may change the display session# ==== and display manager it should run at runlevel 3 (multiuser)# and not runlevel 5 (graphical user)##================================================================### Be sure we are at runlevel 3runlevel | grep 3 /dev/nullif [ "$? = "0" ]; then echo "This script should run at level 3 (multiuser level)." echo "As root, type the command 'init 3' in a shell" echo "then, login as root and run this script again" exit 1fi#================================================================Install X="false"Remove G3="false"Lightdm Is Default="false"Install Compiz="false"echoecho "Mate Desktop will be installed on your system."echo### if X server is not installed we have the minimal installation and the # questions are irrelevant. (y/n)" read A if [ "$A" = "y" ]; then Remove G3="true" Lightdm Is Default="true" else echo -n "Do you want to make lightdm the default window manager ?

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