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Characteristics of healthy teen-dating relationships are open communication and trust between partners of nearly the same age, says Sarah Sorenson in "Adolescent Romantic Relationships," published online by ACT for Youth Center of Excellence.

Experts disagree on the impact of having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school, with some experts expressing concern for the need for personal identity before becoming involved in a dating relationship, while others believe that teen dating is an important part of the process of establishing self-identity.

By mid-teens, up to two-thirds of high school students report they have dated or are in a romantic relationship.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school can have significant effects on a teenager's social development and personal identity.

For Judy Kilpatrick, gardening is the best mental health therapy of all.

Combining her interests in both of these fields, Kilpatrick is a professional flower grower and a practicing, licensed mental health therapist.

Karen Cooper, a weight management specialist at the Cleveland Clinic's Women's Health Institute, told CBS News.

The age of the first diet among women in the study ranged from as young as as 3 years old to 26 years old, study author Pamela Keel, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Florida State University, told CBS News."Younger age of dieting predicts greater problems 10 years out from college," Keel said.

It is not completely clear why dieting at an early age may have such an effect on health later in life.

Fogarty further reports that teen girls who have strong relationships with their mothers and who are not involved in steady dating have higher academic achievement than girls in romantic relationships.

Parents can help their teenagers avoid negative dating experiences by keeping communication open in a warm and supportive relationship.

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In fact, eating disorders are often driven by social, psychological and biological factors, Keel said."The study demonstrates that, despite the evidence-based methods we now have available for weight loss, many college-aged women are still turning to fad diet methods rather than seek[ing] professional help," Dr.

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