Error flashing zip updating partition details

Posted by / 07-Apr-2018 21:31

I have been trying to install the new ROM "Omni Rom" for my HTC One (m7ul) but I have had problems. But it was very difficult to locate the source of error.

After a full wipe, I install the Omni Rom with no problems. Does not work $ 7z x File To //To e Xtract with full path. The default unzip tool in Linux (both Debian and Ubuntu) and Windows were not compatible.

En que lio me he metido, ya que estoy en el mismo error y no se que hacer.

When trying to flash my old Motorola Xoom using this excellent guide I was unable to flash the system and google apps zips from TWRP and received the following error: The error wasn’t quite verbose enough.

Tengo el archivo en la raiz de la SD con su nombre original.

Debo tener mucha memoria disponible o algo para q lo flashee? Gracias por tu respuesta Woww hace ya un tiempo de este problema y jamas comento la solucin...

Okay, so you have tried flashing a stock for your ROM/device, flashed all the SU uninstallers but magisk still won't install, there has to be other solutions! This is my personal last ditch effort to get Magisk to install properly and has worked 99% of the time if everything else fails: I really hope all the information shared with you today will enable you to get Magisk properly installed on your device.

If this helped you in any way or you want to share your methods on remedying this error then comment below!

Estoy intentando de instalar la ROM CM11 (la ltima de este foro) en mi redrice1s.A lot of android users have ran into this issue at some point or another, including myself.You went to flash the latest and TWRP reports error 1.Error flashing zip '/sdcard/Download/UPDATE-Super' Updating partition details... Recommended tool is Win RAR and 7zip with 'x' option.Thanks for any ideas I checked everything, the zip was not unzipped properly. I think this should be added in FAQ or HOW-TO of TWRP Definitely not TWRP's fault and thanks for closing the thread.

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This issue comes from having Systemless Super Su by Chainfire installed, as I have stated before Magisk and Super Su don't play well together and it causes issues.