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Fantasy dating

Going through the entire Wutai sidequest boosts Yuffie's points 10.After all of the events have been completed, no further alterations to the hidden value can be made during normal play.However, the Bromance trophy for dating Barret only triggers if Barret's affection value is within certain bounds.Using the glitch can thus make his affection value exceed the cap and thus lock the player out of the trophy even if they get Barret as the date.Niki gets the scoop on fun things to do in LA, marketing, dating apps and social media.In her soon-to-be-released autobiographical self-improvement dating book, affectionately-titled “Loveball,” Niki aims to help frustrated singles overcome adversity, improve the quality of their relationships and play the proverbial dating game on their own terms.

Any optional dialogue with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Barret not noted on this page does not affect the date scene.

Aeris is the most likely candidate for the date, but it is not overly difficult to obtain the other two girls as there are several options which very quickly bridge the points gap between starting values.

For example, it is possible, in responding positively to Tifa several times at the beginning of the game, to raise her date value above Aeris's starting value before her second appearance.

For every correct answer Yuffie gets 2 points, for every wrong answer there is no change.

It is possible to give the correct answer for all the questions except the last one and repeat the event to increase her affection value each time.

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However, the player will lose 700 gil each time, as Yuffie robs the party once the player enters the menu.