Harmless fun diydating

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The harmonic mask mix is being varied as a function of note pitch.

This is caused by the LFO modulation of the Harmonic mask mix value.

In this instance the starting frequency is set by the amt knob, the decay time is set by the dec knob and the final frequency is (largely) set by the filter cutoff frequency (freq).

Keyboard tracking, kb.t, is adding an offset depending on note pitch.

Miss Harmless is ready to start 'Subtractive-Additive Synthesis 101'.

If you open the Harmless presets you will notice a 'Tutorial' category.

The Internet, especially Pinterest, is chalk full of DIY activities.

Harmless fun: Decay envelope slope - The Wave Candy display (above) also shows the decay slope.Chocolate fondue is easy to do, plus there’s an assortment of flavors to choose from.Using a fondue pot isn’t necessary, but it does make things easier. Feed one another succulent desserts dipped in creamy hot chocolate.Here we will explain what's happening with each of these presets.What you hear: Play a note (C5) and notice the sound becoming 'darker' over time.

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It is a fairly subtle difference so you may want to set Wave Candy to Oscilloscope mode.

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