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Keep reading to find out if you have grown up reading the wrong horoscope! Most of the lists of horoscope dates in Magazines and Newspapers are wrong!

I wrote a short report about how your Star Sign is calculated, so click here to read about the Real Horoscope Dates!

Their thoughts must be turned to their partner with no exception if they plan for their sexual relationship to work.

There is a specific behavior of Aries that almost always shows if they are not telling the truth – they start acting defensive and get angry a lot.

They give me encouragement and motivate me, and give me insights into who I am and how I can improve my current situations. The horoscopes from Horoscope Dates are the ONLY ones I will read. I absolutely LOVE Horoscope Dates and Trusted Tarot!!

Normally I am very sceptical of horoscopes and tarot cards, but your readings are overwhelmingly accurate. The accuracy is spot on, even scary sometimes, like " how does she do it?

It is impossible to list all of the real dates of horoscopes, because it would fill up an entire book!

Just being born in a leap year is enough to throw off the dates for most Zodiac signs.

Pretty much like children at the playground fighting about nothing at all, while keeping some sort of unnatural closeness to neutralize the feelings of guilt.

Mars will stand for satisfaction in the physical sense, but no Venus – no emotion.

Hence, there might be a lack of true human interaction in this segment of relationship.

" Nothing short of amazing and fun, I look forward to my daily delivery of helpful insights and guidance.

With their self-respect aiming high and strong personalities, it is easy for these two to take off their clothes and enjoy one another.

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