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() Mike - I have a page, I want to put a map on it and have the initial location () Peter - How do you use the 'new' authenticate method if the user logs in with a customer no in addition to user and password?(multi-tenant app) () Johan - A discussion on values and session values, Store Value, session Q () Johan - A discussion on local variables () Johan - SMS - how do I get the response from the person I sent the sms to?Eg Some text Bruce's tip, the difference between and for Darin, dont use which shows the "" on the page as its ascii is converted - so use instead () Bruce shows how to put this on a form, use the Display Tab - set Display drop to Session Value, not Text.and click on Allow XHTML () Darin - what if I want to embed a PDF or a video from youtube (use the You Tube Tab on the form) () Darin - has a question on multiple divisions on a page - there is a Basic layout for "top", "on left", "on right" or on both.[Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Michael - I am trying to understand more about NT Server, I have questions about the parameters in p_web.Message() - like message class & send () Michael - How do I stop the red error on the top of a message?- a control, which can be called by a form, like calendar, it CAN be on another page. () Mike S - has a multi host, was going to use Lets Encrypt, but the folder I expected did not work.

Bruce shows how to find something using the redirection search. INC - how to add an INC file to the APP () Don - How to make a desktop app that is responsive in all sizes of device, layout tips. () Rich - How to use a JSON string as an input parameter to a web service. () Rich - What is the "Generate List Boundary Tag" () Rich - Accept('json') net.An explanation of how the basics of a table and form work on the net talk server. () Michael - Should I use a Net Web Service Method instead of a Source procedure? What is the mechanism of saving an image from a form to a blob? () Darin - I am having similar problem, with changing image, viewing it before saving. But the client sees a table or a view or a queue as an array "[ ]", where they demand a group with "" boundary. Set Type(json:object) [Thanks to Kevin for the show notes] () Don - Has a web site that shows a video, And can I bypass the login ? Yes on the form of the second site, you will have a field of type "Media" But it turns out a question of i Frames.A walk through Debugview to see how a parent and child browse communicate. Getting the error 10013 trying to use port 80, unable to listen on tcp port 80, permission denied. (in change mode) () John - Disconnected desktop - some users might have access to more tables than others. () Ted - J Files - Groups and arrays, Ted has a queue of queues, and grandchildren, ie a q of q's of q's - issues? () Kurt - (revisit) Hi Bruce, Checking in on the status of the issue with the Planner and Login form not working when "combine files" is on.() Nardus - I have a browse based on a table (SQL view).But when user clicks on delete I want to delete an entry in a different table (the actual SQL table not the View).

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