Joshua dating hollie

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Joshua dating hollie

Skylar planned to join Hollie Cavanagh in a concert but was postponedbecause Skylar got pregnant. Heejun Han's relationship with a Korean actress is doing well. Erika Van Pelt, on the other hand, has captured the heart of a business tycoon and will soon marry her. Everyone was happy in love except for Jessica and Hollie. Until one fan, had shown greater affection to Phil, Jess got jealous... I am not also ready to see Josh again." Hollie said and her smile was replaced with a frown. You're not sure that he married his childhood friend. but he has not said the WORDS i'm waiting to hear..for me, I'm not officially taken." she sighed."You love him? Hollie just nodded and blushed."why don't we do something to make PP and Josh bothered? They have done a lot of concerts together and the recent one was done with superstar Jessica Sanchez and Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. Three years ago, she was married to a well-known producer. Their relationship didn't work well because both of them were too busy and they lack time for each other. I hope you'll experience it soon." Erika chuckled."Only if she'd say yes to me." Deandre said with a playful grin."Oh..." Jessica blushed."Hmm. " Hollie asked laughing."Of course..." Deandre replied."You seem not to believe him." Skylar giggled."Yes, it's really hard to convince her,,,," Joshua commented while relaxing himself on the couch and browsing the song book. this other person is provoking me...""Relax, hollie dear, our hired artists will be here soon..." Jessica whispered back."Hey superstars! They all gave her a hug and they chatted for a while.

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