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It’s not just “natural” to be really thin, in my opinion, it’s a result of your habits.Getting back to Kate’s breakup with Orlando Bloom, again why the hell is she still talking about it?Bosworth (who broke up with Alexander Skarsgard earlier this year) is now dating director Michael Polish, and Bloom is happily married to model Miranda Kerr, with whom he has one son, Flynn, 10 months.But Bosworth suffered mightily — even physically — in the aftermath of that 2006 breakup.“Oh, I definitely know the feeling of pain, that’s for sure,” she told England’s Sunday Times Style of the split.“You know when you put all your chips into something, then it disappears?” she said of her relationship with the hunky Australian star. ’” “Then one day,” the Superman Returns beauty mused, “You wake up and you think, OK, I’ll never be the same, but I’ll survive and I’ll grow from it.” Indeed, all seemed well between the exes during an unexpected reunion in L.

Orlando Bloom shares a friendly hug with ex Kate Bosworth on Thursday (July 7) in Hollywood.It doesn’t seem deliberate the way they do it, (like it is when I diet) but it’s the result of their habits and it’s not all due to genetics.I get that some people have higher metabolisms, but if you eat a lot of junk you’ll gain weight.Kate has a new interview with the , which is out in the UK on November 4th.You can’t get online access to the Times Sunday Style unless you pay for a subscription, so I can’t read the full article because I’m cheap that way.

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It’s unclear to me why Bos brought up her five year old breakup and why she went on about it, unless she just wanted us to talk about her. Breaking up with Orlando Bloom was really, really hard to do for Kate Bosworth.