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Ladyboy malay fuck

After finishing our shower and drying each other off we went over to the bed. Once again I had to start with her amazing boobs but soon I felt doing something completely new, weird and exciting at the same time: I went down with my hand and started masturbating her penis.It didn’t take long for it to stand up and become tight and my ladyboy started moaning, firmly grabbing my shoulder. After a while I was just about to go on to the next part when she put her hand on mine saying “Go on baby I’m coming’.

I was so glad I had the guts to try sex with a Thai ladyboy – and I knew it shouldn’t be a once in a lifetime experience.We moved on and into the room that wasn’t very spacious but it was clean and had a nice Queen Size Bed with a couple of towels as well as a pack of two condoms on it.I closed the door and without wasting anymore time I put my hands on her beautiful big and firm boobs while kissing her cheek. We undressed each another and went to the small enclosed bathroom where we took a shower, rubbing on one another with lots of soap.She said she was too lazy now to go outside and if I wanted to watch a movie at her place instead. I still like Thai girls for girlfriends but once in a while it’s just super exciting and fun to have sex with a Thai ladyboy especially what I found most Thai girls have sex primarily to please the guys whereas the ladyboys seem to really enjoy it.Two hours later I’ve had sex with my second ladyboy in Thailand.

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The main reason for any of my trips to Thailand is sex and plenty of it. I’m sure a lot of people at least think about trying it out just like me but they don’t really know how to go about it and what to expect. Already from at home I booked my hotel in Bangkok online: I decided to stay at the infamous Nana Hotel for a couple of nights before heading down to Pattaya. I’m not talking about the rooms which are pretty standard and actually a great deal.

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