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Linda bolea dating 19

In a phone interview, Cohen said Mary Hunt had mailed a package containing "junk jewelry" or decorative jewelry she and her mother were going to use for pillows while redecorating a bedroom.

Photos of the items in shipping material were included in the court documents."The fact is, (Michael Hunt) did look at something and it was the jewelry she sent there on the 11th of August," Cohen said in the phone intervew.

According to the Pinellas County sheriff's report, the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant at the Hunts' home in Pirates Point in October.

Deputies found a shoe box containing ,000 in cash but none of the jewelry that was reported missing.

Hunt tried to end the relationship in 2014, the court documents say, but the two reconciled for a time.

It's frustrating we've been through so much already and we want this to come to an end. According to the report, Michael Hunt told Mitchell, "They sent it to me. I had no idea what was in that (expletive) box."In the court documents, Cohen said Michael Hunt was not informed that he was being recorded.Cohen said the first mention of valuables is made by Mitchell.According to documents that Cohen submitted to the court in Hunt's defense, Mitchell was physically abusive.His behavior was "erratic," the documents say, and during an argument he "punched Mary in the face." Photos included in the court documents show Hunt with a black eye.

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Todd Foster, Mitchell's attorney, said Mitchell denies all allegations made by Hunt and her attorney.