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The internet site contains pictures of Madeleine along with posters that can be printed off and displayed.It also contains video messages from Madeleine's parents and an online diary of their days spent campaigning to find their missing daughter while looking after twins Sean and Amelie.We haven't met yet, but if this moves forward, I'm hoping that we'll be hanging out a lot, and if we do, I'm sure we'll become fast friends." Maddy is now eight-years-old, and although Matt has stopped updating his blog, deciding he "no longer enjoyed writing it," he has been dedicating his time to another form or writing.He co-authored a new comedy children's book called which will be released next month.I felt pleased." Discussing her decision to leave with Digital Spy, Maddy said previously: "It was time for Nancy to take a break from her family, and me from East Enders, after having a wonderful time working on the show."I was surrounded by a terrific team both on and off camera and I shall miss seeing them all on a daily basis, especially the fabulous Carter family." She went on to pursue a career on stage, and is a founding member of Chaskis theatre.Speaking about leaving on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour last year, Maddy said: "It was really difficult in terms of my relationships and friendships, but it was an obvious choice in terms of my career progression and the character.

She said, 'I feel lightheaded', and then she passed out. "Shitty luck and a pulmonary embolism are what led us to the saddest, most horrific moment of my life."Finding writing a therapeutic means of dealing with his new, unexpected situation, Matt began to rebuild his strength with his daughter in mind, and eventually managed to put all his emotions and experiences into an incredible book, , Matt said: "I'd of course be beyond flattered if the movie ever gets made and if he'd even consider taking on the role of me.Actress Maddy Hill proved an instant hit with her role as Nancy, securing the Best Newcomer prize at the British Soap Awards in 2014 and The National Television Awards in 2015.The actress then left the role in April 2016, with Nancy seen leaving the square with Tamwar to go travelling.The site has received over 100 million hits, with more then 76,000 messages of support left for Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate.Of the online visitors, just under half are from the UK, 31.8 per cent from Portugal, 5.5 per cent from the USA.

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But there have also been several rogue commercial websites set up - three registered to the same address in El Segundo, California - listing everything from "airline tickets" and "health insurance" to "casino" and "free ring tones".

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