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The name (of the city, nymph and saint) is commonly Latinized as Larissa, with a double s.

Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Occitan, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Faroese, Dutch, Frisian, Greek, Polish, Romanian, English, Finnish, Corsican, Sardinian, Basque, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin, Old Church Slavic Latin form of Greek Μαρια, from Hebrew מִרְיָם (see MARY).

It was also borne by a few early saints and martyrs, including the patron saint of Corsica.

Someone that wants a family, to travel the world and someone who believes in passion.

Ukrainian culture and customs of Ukraine and ethnic Ukrainians.

English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Georgian, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew English, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology Feminine form of ALEXANDER.

In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra.

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Maria is the usual form of the name in many European languages, as well as a secondary form in other languages such as English (where the common spelling is Mary).

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