Monteal ault dating

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Monteal ault dating

Assistant Dean Sherk claimed at the meeting that the university was losing roughly 00 per year in government grants for each student who was not registered.

People Interested in a Ward 6 door lo door dinlogical schooling survey, perhaps leading to a irustee campaign, inviled lo 97 St. Academic Affairs Committee to impose penalty on non-registering graduates The Academic Affairs Committee of the Governing Council voted last Wednesday to recommend that graduate students who fail to re-register pay a penalty. If his department and the Council of the School of Graduate Studies recommended him, a simple payment of the total re-registration fees which he owed would render him eligible for his degree once his thesis was completed.

Organizers of fees strike optimistic By one observers' estimate, about 80 per cent of these students paying their fees at the Drill Hall paid in two installments.

For a background story on the campaign against the fees hike I across Ontario, see page 21.

The Senate established a committee to look 'into his charges, which reported in June. 13 Greal Hall - All Welcome HILLEL ORIENTATION WEEK HILLEL INVITES YOU TO A FOLKSING JAM SESSION WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13 - P. Subscribers are assured of the same seats and performance evenings for the season. Forester indicated, however, a slight preferance for the former.Library of the University of Toronto Digitized by the Internet Archive ■ i n2014 For the first time ever... Accordingly, the committee adopted an SGS council recommendation that there be a re-registration fee for each year in which a grad fails to re-register.Developers stars Metro Council The Governing Councillors perform their "Openness Caper Presents inducts \ 1 Pierre Trudeau... The harshness of the penalty was lessened, however, with the acceptance of three other proposals.Neither would he divulge what the amount of the budget cut was.He says no further lay-offs were expected but positions which become vacant over ihe year may not necessarily be filled.

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There will be no cut in library hours for the rest of this academic year, however, Esplin said, contrary to reports last year that this might be one of the services cut in the case of a budget squeeze.

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