Officescan clients not updating

Posted by / 05-Jan-2018 20:21

The main server works with three Smart Protection servers that run the web reputation service, file reputation service, and load balances the signature updating with the Office Scan server, as well as load balance with each other. All the other servers point here for licensing and reporting. Please follow the directions found here: will need to download this executable to complete the above instructions: Img Yes.

In order for the clients to be managed via the admin console, you'll need to open ports 443, 5274, 805 for ingress to your clients from

Our license allows for IT departments to set up their own Office Scan servers if they so desire, and to enable additional features that may not be installed by default in the campus-wide service.

If you do not wish to change these conditions, you will need to stand up your own Office Scan server in order to manage endpoints in that scenario - please see "Licensing" above for more information.

No, they are managed through the Mac plugin manager in the Office Scan admin console, and through the separate (local) Linux Server Protect console, respectively.

For computers that are not joined to the My ID domain, we have to create the groups for you and the groupings will need to be IP-based.

Please open a ticket with the EITS Help Desk requesting a group to be made in Trend, and make sure to include what department you work for as well as all of the IP addresses of the clients that need to be in the group (if at all possible, please use consecutive IP addresses for members in a group). Currently the default setup is to use the Windows firewall.

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The client is still protected from viruses whose signatures exist locally to the client. In the admin console, go to Networked Computers, Client Management, and select the group, sub-group, or client you want to apply this to.