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Suitable for patrols on regular and average roads, armored cars were used by the Polish cavalry.

However, in 1937-38 several variants were derived, like the TKS.The twenty modified TKS tankettes equipped with the Nkm wz.38 FK 20 mm cannon also obtained good results.Late prototypes could have made a difference if the attack would had been a delayed by about five months. 174/65 Casual clothing style In a relationship, I am looking for respect, good understanding, tolerant man who is willing to make compromises. I love life and try to enjoy every single moment of it. As any woman I always care about myself, I do sport to be in a good shape and try to lead a An average girl looking for true love. My job is real estate, I like to travel, nature, animals, dancing, cooking, books, music, fitness, good films, exhibitions. I'm spending my time mostly with friends and family. On the eve of Fall Weiss (Case White) and the subsequent campaign (Kampania wrzesniowa in Polish), the Polish forces had 1012 tanks and a hundred armored cars (880 tanks according to other sources) at their disposal.

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