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I backed off and only talked to her if she made the effort first.She did text me every day and I would be very short, but at least I responded.More so, shopping not only gives you a chance to treat yourself to something nice but, you get to have fun people watching as others are totally stressed out trying to find the perfect gift.

Everything up to this point -- everything -- has been perfect.We have definitely been hanging out too much, though – five days a week, at least -- but this has been mutual, with Gigi asking me to hang out four of the five days.When we first started dating, she told me that nursing school, which is where she just started, was going to be a very tough time for us both and she forewarned me that she was going to be very emotional and sometimes very cold.She also told him that with her school schedule she feels she needs to see me less, maybe only one or two days a week and that she even thinks this will really benefit our relationship.Doc, is it too late to build Gigi’s interest back up? If she asks to see you more -- and in the process you slaughter Challenge -- tell her that you have work to do or that you’re studying or that you’re busy.

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In recent years, it seems the practice of sending greeting cards has rapidly declined.