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Rick kilburn dating

At the time I had no idea that you were directly involved in that story and you came over and gave it to me from the horse's mouth so to speak. Chet Baker was one of them, and came to town for a three-nighter at the old Hot Jazz Club when it was on Broadway.

Rene Worst, Graham Boyle and Ted Quinlan were the rhythm section on that date.

Even then I knew I was right at the edge of the invention of Rock and Roll, and that also had a large musical impact on me…I’m really grateful for that. The real defining moment for me was in the winter of 1963. When Paul Desmond started playing his solo, I was kind of galvanized on the spot.

I would walk to school and on the way stop by my pal Tony Gould’s house (he’s actually Glenn Gould’s first cousin) and we would walk together. I remember thinking "that’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever heard" and decided right there and then that I was going to try to do that for a living.

The drum kit was terrible, the bass player was stoned and had bad time anyway, and of course, there was me, a skinny Canadian high school kid who couldn’t really play much of anything. But I got through the tune, which I think was There was certainly more going on in those days with major jazz stars coming to Vancouver and playing jazz clubs rather than big concert halls.

Who were some of the other guys that you got to play with?

Okay, Tom, I was going to wait till later to ask you this but I think it's a good time.You were into a bit of promoting, etc., as well as playing.I remember one night at The Cellar you overheard me telling a story about Chet Baker being up here. My wife, Nicky-Lea Keenlyside, and Suzanne Worst had an agency in the early eighties that booked jazz acts to Vancouver.I was totally into jazz as well, and played and jammed with great Vancouver guys all the time.I also was fortunate enough to see many hugely important players live in the clubs you’re talking about, like Cannonball, Dexter, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Lockjaw Davis, Harold Land, Roland Kirk, Sonny Rollins and many others.

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After hanging out with Chet for a few hours, it came out that he was an avid table tennis player, after learning how to play while incarcerated in the federal pen.

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