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Do you think it’d be fair for viewers who lean right to be similarly skeptical about your show? Any political discussion is stuffed in a very bready sandwich of the aggressively silly. Listen, they said some stuff I thought was bananas.The assumption is that the Louisiana family learns something from meeting you. They all voted for Trump — and they Googled “Jew” before I got there. It’s because the Church didn’t like how priests were leaving their assets to their wives and families. This joke aside, you’ve made a decision to not lean so hard on taboo-busting material anymore.Okay, for instance, the more people who come out of the closet and don’t move to the coasts but stay where they are — once that happens enough, it will create normalcy in the red states about people who aren’t straight. It’s so odd to me that people, and they tend to be on the right and the far right, don’t learn from history. The fact that s-h-i-t is for some reason taboo is totally out-of-nowhere bizarre. On Hulu we can say “cum-guzzling.” But for that promotional song, we wanted to put it out on the internet and we have to bleep “shit.” Do you know why that word isn’t allowed? I don’t think it’s a bullying joke because it comes from a genuine question. If Abraham was willing to murder his own son for God, would you take a load of cum for God? Abraham might have thought differently about that question if he’d had to answer it in front of a crowd at a comedy show. Comedy has to be a reflection of where you’re at and not something where you’re beholden to a character that got you famous.

Silverman, dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants, her hair tucked under a “Beer Nuts” hat, is just over a week ahead of the show’s October 12 premiere on Hulu.After working in odd jobs and sometimes sleeping in flophouses, at 18 he attended an audition for actors at the YMCA.He later studied at the Actors Studio and the New School for Social Research, which was where he met Winters.The one thing I’ve learned overall about this is that facts don’t change people’s minds. There’s no real reason for it anymore but nobody questions it. Probably three or four people out of ten say they’d swallow God’s cum. What other adjustments have you made to your act over the years?If you get a one-on-one opportunity with someone who disagrees with you politically, you get more with kindness and warmth than you do by saying, “Here’s this fact and this fact and this fact and this fact.” How does that emotional connection then turn into getting someone to actually change his or her politics? It’s like how people accept that don’t get married. It’s just because “it’s how it is.” Anything that happens because “that’s how it is” is something to be skeptical about. So you ask a believer in the audience whether or not he’d let God come in his mouth. I understand that joke is working on a bunch of levels, but were you at all concerned about coming across like you were bullying a believer? I’d cringe if I were still doing the same material I was doing in my 20s and 30s.

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It’s not okay.” Since she started out as a stand-up in 1992, Silverman has been testing the limits of what is and isn’t okay for us to talk about, while also becoming an increasingly public activist for progressive political causes.

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