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Sean patrick flanery dating anyone

Sean, I pray I did you justice with this review as I am an off-the-cuff writer who does not follow the general guidelines of writing.

Thank you for your creation, one that I shall treasure for a lifetime. Flanery, a man of many measures, a friend to many, an absolute inspiration to thousands of lives touched of people he hasn’t even met yet.

The first is that Sean is a predominantly male name and the second is that there are female versions of John like Jane, Joan and Joanne. It I think should be spelled (Shawn) but I have a little brother with this name, he spells it (Sean) so that is how I think of it.I'm aware that sometimes accents over letters make pronunciations confusing for some but Sean instead of Seán is unexceptable.The reason it's unexceptable is because Sean with no fáda in Irish, meaning old, is pronounced Shan (rhymes with Ann).During my reading adventure I actually stopped a few times and had an in-my-head private conversation with the writer, a man I’ve never met or even talked to, but it had to be done.You see several times he caught me off-guard and I felt I needed to tell him that.

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To do a writer justice, one must have the kindness in their heart to leave a positive review after reading such a wonderfully told story that they want to share with all their friends, and then some. I just finished Jane Two and let me just say there were many pauses near the end to wipe my eyes that I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through to the end.