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Sex addict chatzone

I knew that he wasn’t Catholic going into it, and that made me even more excited because this way I can not only share Jesus with him but I am hoping that one day I can actually share His Church with him too! The group of us had a great study and were just chilling talking about semi-related topics after I basically gave them a Gospel presentation when this guy said something that was simultaneously a great compliment and a revelation.

“You know, Chris, you’re probably the first Catholic that I’ve ever met that actually loves Jesus and lives like a Christian.” Oh.

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Pope Francis and all these wonderful popes in recent memory have been working to make the Church as beautiful as she should be for Jesus, and of course the Holy Spirit is doing all of the heavy lifting, but you and I need to answer this call! Preaching it is good, but if it isn’t lived, it is not effective. I just want to run around the world making lots of Catholics! But God reminded me of something very important this week. And sometimes the only thing that I really care about is whether or not people are Catholic Christians living in relationship with God.People nowadays don’t listen well anyways, but maybe they’ll notice a witness.“The new evangelization will show its authenticity and unleash all its missionary force when it is carried out through the gift, not only of the word proclaimed, but by the word lived.” – Bl.

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