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Ever so slowly I entered my mother's asshole and she accepted her son's dick with a sigh, followed by a moan of pleasure.I was unsure whether my mom had experienced anal before that moment but if she hadn't, she handled it like a pro.

"See, that was beautiful Daniel and now you've provided fireworks. And why wouldn't I when I saw what she'd be wearing? After only seconds she returned, took my hand again and led me inside and into the closest cubicle.The moment was too much and with the second flushing of the toilet I pumped my mother's mouth full of cum. Late afternoon I'd opened a bottle of white wine for my mother and I was sipping on a scotch. Amanda turned to my mother and asked, "Do you think he's had enough? "Daniel, language." Both women responded in unison. "The truth is I don't care what you do with Madeline. Just because we're not married doesn't mean I don't love you and want the best for you." I was flabbergasted. "Daniel, what I confessed to you the other day, I confessed to Amanda years ago. Who was I to judge the feelings of a mother for her son? Something I'd imagined nearly ten years before, something wonderful. I decided it was time to loose my rock hard cock from my pants, pulling them down mid thigh and began stroking to the lesbianism playing out before me.I lifted her to her feet and kissed her mouth, tasting a mixture of my remaining unswallowed cum and her saliva. The black Mercedes pulled into the driveway behind my Range Rover and I watched at the window as Amanda eased her way out of the back seat. " My mom smiled back at her and then looked at me with an incredibly cheeky expression, "I think so," she replied. " I had no idea what was going on, one minute I was being browbeaten by my ex-wife, the next seeming to be made sport of by two sexy women. I looked to my mother who had made her way across the couch and now sat next to Amanda. I certainly wasn't happy about it but I can understand how she must have felt towards you." "Mom told you everything? Mom's top was next to come off followed by her skirt, leaving her dressed only in a white bra and pantyhose, no panties.In comparison my mother would win hands down and as opposed to then, on this occasion I knew my mother wasn't wearing panties underneath. Footsteps entered the toilets and my mother looked up at me and placed her index finger to her lips in a hushing gesture.She wore a black sports bra and a light pink crop top, her hair in a pony tail, she could've been a fitness model. She then took my cock in her mouth and worked her magic up and down my shaft.

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" It wasn't an invitation, it was a demand and I needed no further prompting.