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Sex lifechat

Some people will get a kick from becoming the dominatrix & others from becoming the obedient slave.You could even find pleasure in meeting in a hotel room & acting out different roles (he's the millionaire boss & you're the secretary, he's the sheikh & you're part of his harem, he's the teacher & you're the naughty school girl, he's the policeman & you're the prisoner....) It is what works for you & your partner, make sure you both know the score & that you both know the 'safeword' for when to stop if you're not comfortable/happy.I'll leave it to the girls to counsel you on your sex drive, but I'd suggest proceeding with caution about inviting this lifelong friend into your bedroom.

Be prepared to talk through your fantasies, what you enjoy & what you dislike to make it all the better for both of you.

The "pain" I get from the gym is what I crave (the achey legs, shakes, feeling hot and my body acheing ).

I like a certain type of sex- rough and intense and fast- nothing else is good enough for me.

The rest of the panel - including Janet Street Porter and main host Ruth Langsford - seemed shocked and tried to gag her, however, she went one step further.

Discussing sex toys she had, she responded: “The only thing I’ve ever spent is on a butt plug with a crystal at the end.” The good humour continued as the group discussed using yams, before Ruth got up to allow Katie to come back.

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We have both grown as adults, he is lookin , tall etc which I find perfect as i'm tall myself (hard to be dominated by someone shorter !!