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When Jack Morgan opens the Mumbai branch of Private, the world's most elite detective agency, he hands the reins to top agent Santosh Wagh.

Now, in this teeming metropolis of over thirteen million people where the guilty have everywhere to hide, Santosh goes on the hunt for one elusive killer.

Thom and Jennifer Harlow are the perfect couple, with three perfect children.

They maybe two of the biggest mega movie stars in the world, but they're also great parents, philanthropists and just all-around good people.

I tried making the nested class private, or making the nested class' constructor private, but it won't compile. Something like this: Module Entry Point Sub Main() Dim Outer Class Instance As New Outer Class Outer Class Instance. Get Parent X() End Sub End Module Public Class Outer Class Public X As Integer = 123 Public Nested Class Instance As ISome Implementation = New Nested Class(Me) Private Class Nested Class Implements ISome Implementation Private Parent As Outer Class Public Sub New(By Val _Parent As Outer Class) Parent = _Parent End Sub Public Sub Get Parent X() Implements ISome Implementation. An option is to declare an interface with the contract you want the nested class to implement (with some refactoring tools you can extract an interface from a class) and expose the interface, while keeping the nested class private.

When the police can't help you and the press will destroy you, when you need maximum force and maximum discretion, there's only one place to go—Private, the detective agency that will get the job done, even if they have to break a few rules to do it.

With a quick temper, Rick has the tendency to get himself into hot water when on a case. Once a world-ranked prizefighter, he stepped out of the ring and became a police officer.

The secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily—and his staff of investigators use the world's most advanced forensic tools to make and break their cases.When the head of the world’s foremost investigation agency receives at invitation to meet Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, he boards his Gulfstream jet and flies straight to London.Santosh Wagh quit his job as head of Private India after harrowing events in Mumbai almost got him killed.And the beautiful manager of a luxury hotel chain persuades him to quietly investigate a string of murders at her properties.Former CIA agent Jack Morgan runs Private, a renowned investigation company with branches around the globe.

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He has a bulldog-like tenacity when it comes to getting the truth, and long hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail. When not running analyses in his lab, he likes to video chat with his girlfriend, Kit-Kat. Private is the most elite detective agency in the world.

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