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The innovation should be unobtrusive for crew use and not require any additional human interaction from the crew or other personnel, to use.The innovation should not complicate maintenance or servicing of the aircraft.PHASE I: Perform a design study to support of the development of a system that will integrate seamlessly with existing crash worthy aircraft systems on rotary wing and fixed wing military aircraft.Conduct an assessment of appropriate technologies which may be utilized to build, integrate, and test a system to meet the challenges listed above.Perform a trade-off analysis to determine the best approach for a system. PHASE II: Develop an initial prototype for evaluation and comment by aircrews and safety experts.Enhance the initial prototype into a high fidelity advanced system that will allow fit check, testing, qualification, and retrofit into selected aircraft crashworthy seat systems.

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The official link for this solicitation is: https://osd.mil/osbp/sbir/solicitations/index.shtml TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Air Platform OBJECTIVE: Develop air platform occupant safety improvements to prevent injury or fatality within the constraints associated with legacy air vehicles.