Teen dating relationship

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Teen dating relationship

Maybe you think it's your fault that your partner is so abusive … can include ridiculing, name-calling, threats, constant criticism, controlling, belittling, and other negative behavior to scare their partner or destroy her/his self-esteem.

Both men and women have long-term effects from this type of abuse.

The media also plays a part in portraying violence.

If your answer is no or you’re unsure, learning more about teen dating violence can help.

You may have difficulty deciding if you want to date just one person, or go out with lots of people.

You may feel rejected by someone you ask out and they turn you down. You might be bullied and abused by your partner ...

In a 2009 study from Teen Research Unlimited, although a majority of parents (82%) said they were confident that they would be able to recognize if their child was in an abusive relationship, 58% could not identify the signs of abuse.

Only a third of teens in abusive relationships have told anyone about the violence.

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It’s never too early to start having these conversations — childhood and adolescence are crucial times to discuss love, respect, and boundaries.

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