Updating samsung lcd tv firmware

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Updating samsung lcd tv firmware

"My UE49MU7070TXXU updated two days ago and since then it is stuck on one tv channel and will not respond to remote controls (I have three) or smartphone controls," said one punter.

Other owners have reported being able to use peripherals such as game consoles and DVD players, but only on a single HDMI input.

Samsung, meanwhile, has yet to say much about the problem other than to relay through forum support staff that it was aware of the bug and was working on a remedy. "The level of customer service here is shocking with a number of customers asking for feedback, but in no instance has anyone offered any support other than ask people to call in, which is pointless," wrote an aggrieved customer.

"I hope you have this resolved soon as the claims from customers for services which we are all paying for are going up by the day, as this is a fault caused by Samsung and NOTHING to do with any customer fault." Interestingly, Samsung's US support forum contains no mention of any similar problem, suggesting the bad firmware update may be limited to the UK or European region.

Samsung on their site says DO NOT UPDATE if you are not having problems... Firmware update caused static on the display Like a fool, I upgraded the firmware on my Samsung LN-T4061F from the factory installed version 1007 to version 1019. I have updated the Samsung LN32B360's firmware recently and have lost the sound on it, how do I get it back?

...firmware to 1016.1, and the sound stopped working If you weren't having problems, you shouldn't have updated.If you're unsure about your TV product code, please contact our Support Team below for assistance.You will need a USB stick like this: Please ensure that the memory stick is correctly formatted as 'FAT32' on Windows, or 'MS-DOS (FAT)' on Mac. Your 'KALED473DSMTZA' has a firmware update available below. Please right click on the file link and select 'Save link as...' or 'Save target as...' Copy the '.bin' file directly to the empty USB stick, ensuring not to place it inside a folder.The initial blue screen will say 'Search USB Storage' and then be followed by 'Upgrade Software Do Not Turn Off'. Once this is completed, the TV will power itself off and on again.If you encounter any issues after the firmware update has been completed, please try performing a factory reset and then attempt to use the TV again.

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