Waitress dating manager

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Waitress dating manager

Insisting on sticking rigidly to your job and nothing but your job usually doesn’t end well.But there are times when it’s appropriate — and in fact necessary — to communicate that you aren’t the right person to do something.

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That’s especially true when dealing with coworkers, but it can be true with you’re communicating with your manager as well (although usually that should be rarer).

In doing that, you don’t want to simply say, “That’s not my job” — or you would indeed risk coming across as being overly rigid. In your situation, I’d use language that refers to having other priorities that you need to focus on.

” “You’ve been asking me lately to get more involved in talking to the media.

I get why it would be useful to have another person on the team who can do interviews, but I want to be honest — I really dislike interviews and actually changed into this field to get away from doing them, and I hadn’t realized it would be a part of my role here.

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I am more senior in my role here at my company, and a lot of colleagues like to reach out to me for help.

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