Who is andrea bocelli dating

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Bocelli's first break as a singer came in 1992 when Fornaciariauditioned tenors to record a demo tape of Miserere, which he hadco-written with Bono of U2.Successfully passing the audition, Bocelli recorded the tune as a duet with Pavarotti.

Opera, however, represents only one sideof his musical persona.They've been pretty much inseparable since then, not least because she is his manager. But merely jumping in the air was not enough for these two lovebirds. Andrea popped the question and it was revealed that the couple would tie the knot on the day of their daughter's second birthday (which is totally fine and not stealing anyone's thunder at all, because two-year-olds don't even remember their birthdays).Photos) Andrea even had time to do one of those Reservoir Dogs-style wedding photos (sort-of. But before long, it was time to get down to business. After touring with Fornaciari in 1993, Bocelli performed as a gueststar in the Pavarotti International festival held in Modena in September 1994.In addition to performing solo and in a duet withpavarotti, Bocelli sang with Bryan Adams, Andreas Vollenweider and Nancy Gustavsson.

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Bocelli has been equally successful as apop ballad singer, having recorded duets with Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman and Eros Ramazzotti.