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Zayn malik dating belle ami

Gigi was so attached to him that she even followed Zayn outside to the patio during a smoke break." Ah, so close friends at the very least!

Hint #4: Zayn Malik posted a selfie in Gigi Hadid's glasses.

This could be friends goofing around or a subtle way of revealing on Twitter you're definitely seeing a Victoria's Secret Angel. Photographers captured this:reported this morning ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas unfollowed Gigi's Instagram over the weekend.

Zayn posted this caption-less pic: Gigi stepped out in the same glasses the day before. Hint #5: Zayn and Gigi left The Nice Guy together, holding hands. He also deleted a photo of him and Zayn together, so Joe, at the very least, knows something is up.

He and Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift's boyfriend, got in a messy Twitter spat over her this summer.

One day before Gigi and Zayn were reported to be a thing, this viral moment happened on the red carpet. Buuuut Harry more significantly isn't on the best of terms with Zayn, who left One Direction and is releasing a song very shadily titled "Befour." Whatever the actual reason, there's drama behind it.

Hint #2: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik left Justin Bieber's AMA after party together.

"Just kidding, but not kidding." But probably kidding now?

Hint #1: Gigi Hadid hug-snubbed Harry Styles at the American Music Awards last Sunday. Harry is Taylor Swift's ex whom she basically wrote a full album about; Gigi is Taylor's devoted friend.

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